“Non Merci” Sixpack X Dc Shoes

Shouts to my Boy Hommy Diaz Working on the Project with Sixpack from France.
DC unveils its Fall 2009 Double Label™ Project with Sixpack France. The project featuring their popular Xander model and apparel marks the most extensive collaborative project to date for the DC brand. Dubbed “Non Merci”, the Sixpack Collection draws from inspirations that cross political borders, embrace impossible love and yet harbor deep feelings. Meaning “no thanks” in French, the translation of “Non Merci” can also be interpreted as “I’m over it.” For the project, the symbol of this mindset is a beautiful blonde model that exudes “Non Merci”, placing her on an untouchable pedestal as an object of desire. Her image is displayed across the collection’s footwear and apparel line up that boasts a leather metro jacket.

2 Responses to ““Non Merci” Sixpack X Dc Shoes”

  1. June 22, 2009 at 6:26 pm

    Retarded. the soles and the jackets are extra hard.

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